Riverviews Artspace is an artists' community located in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

At a Glance:

  • Established 1993.  Doors open 2003. Private non-profit 501 (c) 3
  • Mixed Use Space
  • 6 floors: S, Ground, 1st & 2nd - Open to the public; 3rd-6th residential
  • Public Building Hours: 9am-5pm
  • Number of Studio/Residential Artists: 42
  • Studios: 12
  • Public Program Spaces: 4 (two galleries, one film theatre and one multipurpose room)
  • Residential Rentals: 12
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Forward-thinking citizens with reverence for Lynchburg’s past transformed a neglected space into vital, unique destination for residents and tourists–Riverviews Artspace.

In 1994, community members formed a private non-profit organization with the goal to purchase and renovate one of downtown Lynchburg’s historic riverfront warehouses to provide living and studio spaces for artists and other people.  Originally, the organization planned to purchase “the Lukens Building” but in a dramatic twist, on Christmas Eve, shortly before the mortgage was to be signed, the building burnt to the ground.

The board members thus found the Craddock-Terry Shoe Warehouse.   The 100-year-old building had not been used for several years; the last use for a shoe warehouse.  Thick black soot coated everything in the building.  Wooden shoe storage boxes were piled high in rows on every floor.  On the main floor, rows and rows of metal shelves, were bolted together.  The lower floor was filled with all manner of industrial debris.

The board hired an architect to design the interior space for living and working spaces for artists and the renovations began.   The building was renamed “Riverviews’ and basic space was rented to selected artists for studio space.  These artists energetically cleaned their areas and set up walls and doors utilizing objects found in the building.

Today,Riverviews serves as a creative laboratory, exhibition space, meeting place, and performance and film venue for a vibrant community of artists and a diverse audience base of culture hungry consumers in Central Virginia.

Riverviews Programs

Craddock Terry Gallery

As part of the new vision for Riverviews and Lynchburg,  Riverviews opened the Craddock-Terry Gallery in 2003.  The Craddock-Terry Gallery, the centerpiece of Riverviews, is a contemporary art gallery that exhibits the work of nationally acclaimed artists in a variety of media.

Artist Studios and Community Anchors

One of our most vital services is providing access to affordable space to artists and groups that call Riverviews home.   In order to fulfill our mission to provide access, Riverviews  leases many studio spaces and programming space to arts and education nonprofits at nonprofit pricing.